Science and Technology

Who Are We?

Scientists will bring you knowledge about science, how it is used in your daily life and some great breakthroughs and innovations that will shape the future of humanity. We will empower our audience with the greatest breakthrough in science.

Why Science ?

Science is a systematic and practical approach to solving facts, figures, and myths.

In our healthy daily lives, we apply an aspect of science in our day-to-day activities.

In the kitchen, you need the science of boiling point and melting point principles are involved in the cookers and the defrosting procedures while using the refrigerator.

In kindergarten, we learn simple concepts like shapes and weather patterns, among other things.

As you move to elementary school, they now look at the types of weather patterns and three-dimensional figures.

Further to junior secondary school, we now look at the in-depth look at the processes in environmental activities.

Higher-level Science

At higher levels, we now look at the theories and their more detailed explanations. Besides, we now have a scientific approach to how we handle issues in our lives.

When your lighting bulb fails, you don’t need an electrician; you start dealing with the basic things that may have caused the errors.


In our blog, we want to give you the most straightforward and fundamental concepts you use to define scientific concepts.

We move further and scientifically explain the myths and theories that explain various phenomenons.

No discipline fails to involve science in their regular undertakings.