Advancement and Uses of Science in Our Everyday Life

For a moment, imagine a world without science. How do we cope with that!? Science continually relieves our suffering, removes our ignorance, and lights our toil. Man has never experienced a greater blessing in his history than the advent of science and its cousin, technology. In this world and the world to come (if any), we’ll be forever grateful to science. Say no more; science has become our life support, one we can’t do without, even for a day. We live daily on science and its offsprings.


From the time we wake up every beautiful morning to when we go to bed at night, science has always been there for us. The toothbrush, the bathtub, the hot refreshing coffee, the early morning newspapers, the vehicles we ride to our workplaces, and more are all products of science. Science improves human life at every level. Not only has science blessed our lives individually, but it has also blessed nations and the world. Consider a country like Malaysia, who experienced a positive economic revolution by taking advantage of scientific and technological development. Indeed, science has blessed millions of people.