The Science of Hunting: High-Tech Gear That Have Revolutionized Deer Hunting

This is definitely the right time to be a hunter.

You have so many pieces of equipment at your disposal to give you every advantage you can muster. Whether it is checking animal trails on a camera, enjoying the comfort that comes with high-end clothing, shooting your bow effortlessly over a long-range, or scouting from Google Maps through your smartphone. Hunting has changed for the better as a result of the influx of technology. 

Old school folks may not welcome the transition due to the fear that the new high-tech gadgets take away the natural hunting experience. Here is the truth; hunting is not easy, so you should always consider improving your chances. 

Regardless of the opposing views on high-end hunting technology, there is no way you will not like these mind-blowing pieces of equipment. Here is a list of high-tech gadgets that have revolutionized hunting. 

  • Rifle Scopes

There is no denying that hunting can be frustrating, especially when you miss your targets due to distance. In comes the rifle scope. With the rifle scope, you can be sure to shoot a 100+ yard shot efficiently and not miss. Riflescopes are designed to turn hunters from short-ranger shooters to long-range shooters, so you do not have to worry about getting too close to the deer to scare it away.

  • The Compound Bow

Do you remember when you used your old-school recurve bow for hunting? How can you rate your success rate? A 2/10, maybe? Well, the new compound bow is a lot easier to shoot and not miss. These bows will give you the confidence to hunt almost everything, leave alone the rabbits and squirrels. 

  • Tripod Deer Stands

If you are a two-season hunter, you must be aware of the importance of height. Whether you are using a bow or rifle, you need a high spot to conceal your presence and give you a decent shooting range. Trees are great for this, but what if there are no trees around? Worry no more. The tripod deer stand is all you need. 

Tripod deer stands offer what a tree stand would, the ability to shoot from an elevated position. One of the advantages of a tripod deer stand is that you can swivel the chair through 360 degrees to give you a perfect shot in any direction.

  • ATVs

Do you remember the days when horses were the only way of getting to your hunting ground? Nowadays, hunters use ATVs to get there faster. With these, you can explore new hunting grounds. Additionally, they feature storage and carriage spaces so you can forget about the old-school hunting art of dragging a deer home. 

  • Wind Detectors

Shot accuracy improves with the ability to determine wind direction. Even though there are high-end scoped rifles that read wind directions, you may also need a wind detector, especially if you are using a bow or a rifle without a riflescope. Fortunately, there are many types of wind detectors that will help you detect the presence and direction of the wind. 

  • GPS Devices

If you are a hunter, you will appreciate the importance of position and location lest you risk losing your target or getting lost in the woods. A GPS unit will help you identify your location anywhere. Additionally, some have built-in features that monitor your heart rate and map your paths. Now you can go hunting anywhere, even if you are not familiar with the location. 

  • Mosquito Repellants

This seems overrated but wait until you get to a mosquito-infested place. With a mosquito repellant, you do not have to worry about some lethal virus. What is more impressive is that some brands are upgraded to produce odorless smoke that will not scare away your prey. 

  • High-Tech Clothing

You no longer need that heavy, woolen hunting coat. Nowadays, hunting clothing is designed light and dry. You can also get scent-proof clothing that will make you virtually hard to detect. Additionally, they feature waterproof and windproof aspects meaning you no longer have to worry about the changing weather. 

  • Trail Cameras

Old school hunting involved tracking deer movement using a thread on their trails. Today, you can take pictures of the trails using scouting cameras. These cameras capture virtually everything you may want to know about trails. What is more, you can share the pictures directly to your smartphone and hunting apps to make the most of the information at your disposal. 

Final Thought

Science and technology have revolutionized every aspect of life. Back in the day, hunters would improvise to enhance their success chances. Today, hunting technology has improved to give hunters an upper hand at what they do.