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To make science a practical discipline ideal in managing our challenges. We give you a holistic approach in explaining and solving problems


To simplify science for kids, teens, adults such that it becomes part of their lives. The overall goal is to bring innovative individuals who use the available materials and resources to develop their businesses.

Why Science?

  1. Generates practical solutions

Our universe is full of miseries. It goes to an extent some people now prefer to leave it to the supernatural being they believe in to explain what is beyond their control.

A scientific-oriented person never tries to look for solutions. The word “impossible” is not part of his vocabulary.

When one concept fails, he now uses its weaknesses to use yet another one for a solution, no matter how long it takes.

You now understand why some machinery takes years to come to the market for testing, approval, and, finally, use.

  1. Creates a sense of commitment

Science requires patience. Before you come up with the right thing to use, you have failed several times.

If it’s a matter of getting discouragements, then scientists take a leading role. However, it is the sense of persistence that builds the commitment in them. Their drive is the result, not the process.

They take time to rejuvenate, think, and consult books and like-minded individuals to ensure he gets the whole concept right.

Also, the fact that science is an integrated discipline; patience is crucial.

3. Supports digital technology advancement

The digital technology tools we enjoy are a result of science. Look at the inroads scientist have made to move from the bulky computers to smartphones.

You can’t fail to notice the patience involved. To some extent, the pioneers may have left the world many years ago, but the knowledge is passed to generations.


4.Enhances critical thinking

Description and definitions are left for language. Science involves the analysis of the narrative with tangible evidence to support your thoughts.

It’s a discipline that uses rationality, innovation, and inference in their quest to explain the miseries and discoveries.

You have to take time and forget about the literal meaning of a fact or a figure. Instead, they go deep and look at the analysis, interpretation, presentation, and entire process from A to Z.

5.Supports team spirit

Science is an integrated subject. It explains why we now have different disciplines at the tertiary level in the faculty of science.

Electricity, engineering, botany, clinical medicine, vet medicine, computer science but to mention a few is some of the different department in science.

During innovations, all parties need to come together to bring their concepts to ensure the project is completed.

Look at a plane; the crew involves engineers, electricians, and computer analysts to provide solutions in case of a mishap. If you are looking for social beings, then scientists take the lead.

In this blog, we understand the value of science in problem-solving. Moreover, science is not for professionals; even newborns have scientific concepts.

Who teaches them how to suck once they are out of the womb? It’s the reflexes that science tends to explain.

At Scientifist, we equip you with the right knowledge and skills o jumpstart you to become a renowned scientist.

The content comes from professionals who have mastered the art of science. They use it to empower the public on the need to look at science from a different angle.

Specifically, we tend to empower the girl child who has a tag “science is for men” we want the subject to be gender-sensitive despite the myths.